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Nailebrity Sellebrity Extra ($30.00) You get a Kit ($65.47 retail value) Save 30% on all future purchasesbr AND, when you refer a friend I, I’d like to Thank YOU, by giving you money back.

Here's an example

Take2 Nail Color Film 9.99 (Retai) Sellebrity Extra Price $6.99 (save $3.00) You also earn 10% on your entire order (for 1 color film that’s $0.70)

retail price 9.99
save 30% -3.00
earn 10% back -0.70
Your cost $6.70
For one manicure and one pedicure


When you refer a friend, they use your personal URL (to get to Nailebrity.com and they purchase... we will award you a commission for their entire order.

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