Meet Elaine

What do I want you to know about me? Well, I was raised in a small town called Biddeford, Maine. Both of my parents worked hard to support our family with modest needs. It wasn’t until I was 22 that I decided I wanted to go to school for nails. It wasn’t really what my mom and dad expected for me. They wanted me to go on to college, get a degree and live a professional life. BUT, what they didn’t expect is where it would take me…

Without boring you to tears here is super quick breakdown of where my nail license has taken me. It’s a timeline in the order it occurred.

    1. I got licensed by the State of Maine as a Manicurist.
    2. I worked as an employee doing nails at a salon.
    3. Left that salon to work for myself.
    4. Became a Manufacturer’s Educator for Cuccio (USA).
    5. Became an independent Educator teaching many brands.
    6. Became an International Educator.
    7. Moved to Los Angeles.
    8. Became VP of Marketing for Cuccio International.
    9. In my role at Cuccio I got to work my craft as a cover artist, a celebrity manicurist, invent new products for the nail industry.
    10. Head Booth Judge for Nailympia International Nail Competitions (In London and Australia)
    11. Judge on the Oxygen Nail Competition reality TV show “Nail’d It”. Wow …right!
    12. I started my own brand Nailebrity
    13. And because that wasn’t challenging enough I created my own Store (sells beauty products and educates the customer on how to use them).

I’ve been busy. I’ve had a LOT of years to learn my craft. I’m using this experience to create a Store that will help you rock your Beauty Style like a TOP Pro. I love it. I hope YOU will too!

~ Elaine Watson, CEO